Spree Biometric Headband for iOS Devices

Spree Biometric Headband

CES 2013 isn’t all about games and power house devices. If you explore it a little deeper, you might run into some new gadgets aiming to improve your health. One of the interesting ones might be Spree Biometric Headband. Designed almost similar to any sports headband, it’s capable of measuring your vital signs when working out.

The market’s actually quite saturated with devices created to help people with their workout. However, most of them only focus on tracking the progress and the amount of calories you have burned. In other words, they’re results oriented. To some extent, it can be dangerous. As you’re encouraged to pay most of your attention in the target you want to achieve, you may fail to notice that your body can’t get along with it. This is what Spree Biometric Headband aims to resolve.

While it can’t track how well you’re doing with your fitness program, it can tell you if your body corresponds well with the program you go on with. You can find it out from the increase of your body temperature, heart rate, and other biometric measurement. Suppose you notice some vital signs spike up too significantly, that’s a good sign to quit the program and look for another one that more suits your body.

The app that comes with Spree Biometric Headband is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. While you can get it for free, the headband will cost you $200. You can either wait until summer when it officially hits the street or you can preorder it at Spree’s official website to get some sweet discount.