Study: Apple Siri Less Accurate than Google

A study was conducted to test how sophisticated digital assistant Siri works. Unmitigated, the application is bombarded with 800 questions spoken outdoors and inside.

Siri Apple can be a digital assistant to its users. Although still in beta, but the application is used as the attractiveness of the prospective owner of the iPhone 4S.

Now, to test how sophisticated the application, a Piper Jaffray research institute named Siri and test the ability of Google’s digital assistant contained in the Android Jelly Bean.

As quoted from the digital trends, Monday (07/02/2012), Siri only understand about 83% of the 400 questions asked in an open space, and 89% of the 400 questions in the room.

Meanwhile, Siri accuracy when answering questions only about 62% of users on the inside, and 68% on public roads. While Google’s digital assistants managed to understand all the questions with an accuracy rate of 86%.

“To be on the phone Siri search engine should be better or at least according to the accuracy of Google,” said Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray.

Siri is currently the center got a tight competition from Google, even a video that compares both the sophistication also had uploaded on YouTube some time ago.