Study Results: Risk of Error Has Apple Maps Directions Three Times Bigger Than Google Maps

The arrival of Google Maps to the iOS platform 6 is really a matter that ought to be thankful for. This is because the performance of the Apple Maps which is the default map application on iOS 6 does not have the maximum performance.


And, this was reinforced by the results of research conducted by CrowdFlower. They say that Apple Maps have three times greater risk of made ​​a mistake in appointing direction than if you use Google Maps.

They’ve proved it in his research. In his study, comparing three applications CrowdFlower maps, namely Bing, Apple Maps and Google Maps. In addition, they also use 1000 business centers in the United States and 100 places spread across the UK. From there, CrowdFlower see the performance of each application map.

And the result, Apple Maps has the worst performance. Apple Maps can only show 75 percent of the requested business center. Meanwhile, Bing is slightly better with the percentage of 80 percent and Google Maps by 85 percent.

Next, they also test the accuracy of the directions given by each application. From there, the Apple Maps appeared as the worst with instructions achieve an error rate of 3-4 percent. Meanwhile, the percentage of errors Bing has Google Maps 1.5 percent and only 1 percent.