Survey: iPhone 5 More Favorites from the Galaxy S III

Although not yet released, the iPhone 5 has received widespread attention. Recent surveys indicate that Apple’s latest smartphone will achieve great sales. Interest in the iPhone 5 allegedly higher than at competitors such as mobile phones Galaxy S III.

From research firm ChangeWave survey of 4,000 respondents in the United States reveals great enthusiasm on the iPhone 5 or whatever his name later. One third of respondents claimed to want to buy it.

“Demand for the iPhone 5 higher than what we saw in the previous iPhone models,” said Paul Carton, ChangeWave vice president of Computerworld quotes from Tuesday (07/24/2012).

In this survey, 14% stated very likely responsen will buy the new iPhone. While 17% more likely to buy it claimed. So total there are 31% of respondents interested in a possible new iPhone release towards the end of this year.

Interest in the iPhone 5 is very high. For comparison, a similar survey conducted last year before the release of the iPhone 4S, respondents who are interested are still in the range of 21.5%.

ChangeWave also asked consumers about their interest in the Samsung Galaxy S III. The result, 2% was deeply interested in buying the Galaxy S III in the future, and 7% admitted quite interested. So that a total of 9% which expressed interest in the Galaxy S III in North America.

Samsung’s position is better than Motorola and HTC. ChangeWave noted that only 4% of respondents are interested in Motorola handsets and 3% on HTC phones.