Often talked about, iPhone Still More Bestsellers from the Galaxy S

After the death of Steve Jobs at least bring its own changes to the image in the eyes of Apple’s gadget-freak. Many thought the company is headquartered in Cupertino is going to ‘drag him limping’ in competition. Moreover, the iPhone 5, which has just launched an innovative criticized for lacking.


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However, whatever happens, in fact, the name Apple still stands as the best-selling smartphone vendor selling: iPhone. Yes, it disclosed an analyst at Raymond James, Tavis McCourt, CNet reported on Thursday (01/17/2013), which claims the iPhone is still the best-selling smartphone than its competitors, such as the Galaxy S series and the Note were produced by Samsung.

According to him, Apple has stepped Samsung with sales of 88 million units more in 2.5 years. Yes, Apple has managed to sell 219 million units of the iPhone, while Samsung’s ‘new’ to sell 131 million units of the Galaxy S variants and Note.

Responding to the figures revealed by McCourt, Kevin Packingham, Samsung’s Chief Product Officer in the United States, said that currently the Samsung Galaxy S III is still a superstar in sales across all operators.

Increased sales of the handset are claimed Packingman for Galaxy S III is getting sensational image of its predecessor. In fact, the sales figures are considered high even getting the iPhone 5 has been released.