Temple Run 2: Challenges Still Continues! more exciting and hard!

Still remember the popular games among users of smartphones and tablet Temple Run? Surely still! Treasure hunter game escape the evil apes is indeed such a game shall be the users of mobile devices based on iOS and Android. And, it seems adventure continues.


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Yup, this time Imangi Studios presents the latest episode of a challenging game with the title of Temple Run 2. To release itself is still the same as the previous series in which the first game available for iOS device users.


So, for users of iOS devices, the game has 42MB size you can get for free at the Apple App Store. Special of course be something beneficial for users of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, considering that games like this are usually not free.

The difference in graphics between the initial episodes to the second Temple Run is significant even by naked eye is not so visible. However, in terms of graphics, this game has a better quality than its predecessor.

For users of the iPhone 5 will certainly feel the difference it significantly, where the sensation 4 inch screen gives a wider range of users who are playing the game and of course without any lag.

With increasingly stressful and difficult levels of the game, of course, a continuation of the Temple Run This could be good at arena fights you and your friends. Are you waiting for? Immediately download and show your best scores to everyone