The Importance Of Fire Training

dss_MLFTU_main_546_470In order for firefighters to know how to safely enter buildings that are on fire, they need to take part in live fire training simulators. These are held by a department and are in a controlled setting. A building or home that is no longer in use is often set on fire so that the men and women can use skills that are learned in classes to put out the flames. This also gives them the chance to learn what shouldn’t be done when entering a building that is on fire.

A simulation can help save lives. If firefighters aren’t sure of the proper maneuvers to make in certain situations, such as a roof that is falling down or if there are chemicals that are inside the building, then the simulation can give them the experience that they need to see how to safely handle the situation. There are instructors at the event to monitor the burn and to give advice to the firefighters. Most firefighters will go inside a few at a time so that there isn’t a lot of people crowding the area. While this might not be what happens in a real event, it can give them a way to walk through the building without interference from others so that they clearly see areas that could be dangerous.

Before someone graduates from a class, they will partake in a training exercise. Demonstrations will be given about how to hold the hose, how to turn the water on and off and how to rescue someone from a burning building. There are also various methods of attacking a fire, such as from behind a building or from the roof. However, there are safety measures that need to be put in place. Some fires are set with Class A materials, and firefighters need to know how to handle these issues from the outside of the building. Instructors will evaluate the response of each person before allowing that person to go on a call with the rest of the department. Fire training also discusses the nature of a fire and how it spreads based on weather conditions and the size of the building.