The Lumia 800 Smartphone Can Be Used with Good After Immersed in Water for 3.5 Months

Mobile Nokia Lumia 800 is not designed to hold water. However, a shocking incident occurred in Sweden, where a smartphone Lumia 800 is able to work well after drowning in the bottom of the lake for almost 3.5 months.


This was revealed after a Facebook user named Roger Nilsson posting photos Lumia 800 is magic in its social networking accounts. In the photo uploaded to Facebook, the Lumia 800 is in pretty good shape. Only there is a layer of moss and algae that covers the mobile phone screen.

Smartphones are alleged to have disappeared for 3 months in a lake in Sweden, wedged between two rocks at the bottom of the lake. Once found, Nilsson was dried and then charges the battery. And after that, he also found that this phone can work normally, even the batteries can be used for two days.

We don’t know this is a hoax or not. But for a smartphone that is not designed waterproof and durable and can be used normally after 3 months drown, of course, is something very magical.