The Nokia employees in China Demo Reject Microsoft Acquisition

Nokia shareholders have decided that Microsoft’s acquisition step to the division of Nokia mobile devices and services they approve. But on the other hand, the acquisition is considered to be a bad move by the employees. The refusal to disclose, in the factory of Nokia employees Donggun, China also rallies.


In a photo posted on Weibo , appeared the workers staged a demonstration while Nokia unfurled a large banner . In the banner, they also revealed that the employee is not a merchandise, or even asset slaves. “Please do not sell us. We have the rights and dignity, “he continued writing on the banner.

However, this action seems to only be done by workers who worked in the factory Nokia Donggun . Quoted from Ubergizmo , the employees at the plant are still working normally. And apparently, after getting approval from its shareholders, the status of these employees was a matter of time, switching from Nokia employees to Microsoft employees .