The Uniden homepatrol scanner

photoUniden products offer the ultimate quality in home patrol, digital scanning and communication systems. Now you can listen in on aircraft, public safety, military, weather reports and law enforcement. Whether you want to listen in all the way on the other side of town or just down the street. The Uniden homepatrol scanner from comes with a one year warranty, quick start guide, rechargeable AA batteryh, antenna, USB Cable, LCD colored touch screen and front-firing speakers. In addition, if you purchase the Home Patrol 1 scanner, you can also get a GPS kit that allows you to scan on the go. Marine VHF radios, racing packages and other scanners are also important for use on your boat, in your car and even at work. This the best way to stay on top of the latest weather changes or avoid big traffic areas while driving. Uniden is a popular police scanner because it has been developed to include a number of features that aren’t in any other scanner on the market. In addition, it has simple programming, communication monitors, quick record and playback, instant replay, viewable display and even free radio system updates. If you have been waiting to get a scanner for more protection on the road, check out the latest Uniden scanners for the best quality and function. Now you’ll be able to listen in all of the emergency channels and have better control over which priority channels are your favorites. You can even take it with you on the road.