Thorsten Heins: 55 Percent of BlackBerry Z10 Users Comes from Other Platforms

The arrival of BlackBerry 10 later this year will likely really be a lifesaver BlackBerry from bankruptcy. Not only the old BlackBerry users who use BlackBerry Z10 devices. In an official statement, CEO Thorsten Heins BlackBerry also revealed that the majority of BlackBerry Z10 users from other platforms.


In figures, bespectacled man said that 55 percent of BlackBerry Z10 users come from other platform users. Whether it iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Heins himself did not disclose details of the percentage of each platform.

In his statement, of course, prove that BlackBerry 10 is really a lifesaver BlackBerry. And it is not surprising that the BlackBerry is now often boasted to the public about the advantages of new mobile phone when compared to other devices.