Threatened Bankrupt, RIM Sell License BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion (RIM) seems to have been saturated with the financial condition continued to deteriorate. In fact, very bored, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said in an interview with The Telegraph saying that they would sell the license BlackBerry 10 OS to other parties.


He said the current conditions; the company will not be able to compete with other platforms annually produce nearly 60 handsets. In this case, of course, referring Heins Android. Therefore, he said that by selling the license BlackBerry 10, another company could become profitable.

“To run a BB10, we may need to license it to other people who can do this with the proportion of costs better than we could do,” said Heins. He said he also was investigating about who RIM will sell licenses.

But the big question is who will buy the license? Is Samsung? Does Nokia? Apple might be? So, what if no one is interested in licensing?