Thuraya SatSleeve, Special Adapter For iPhone Being Changed Satellite Phone

Satellite communication was not always synonymous with large handset device as you see in the movies. The problem now just by using the special adapter for the iPhone called the iPhone purportedly Thuraya SatSleeve you are currently using can be instantly transformed into a device like satellite phones.




Adaptor compact size is slightly larger than the iPhone is basically designed to provide easy and affordable access to mobile satellite communications.

Thuraya SatSleeve consists of two units, namely shell attached to the iPhone and the main unit with the antenna. The setup process can be done easily and quickly. Simply download the app from the App Store SatSleeve and then place your iPhone into the adapter Thuraya SatSleeve, then you are now ready to make calls and text messages in the satellite mode. Meanwhile, to improve security, the adapter has also been equipped with a special Emergency Call button to make a phone call to a number that has been assigned even though without the presence of the iPhone, which is placed on the adapter though. In addition, the adapter can also serve as a backup battery for charging your iPhone.

SatSleeve adapter comes with a micro USB port for charging and a 3.5mm jack for headset. And regarding security operation, the adapter is reportedly capable of providing up to 4 hours of talk time

Thuraya SatSleeve

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How to Dock and Undock Thuraya SatSleeve

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