Tips for Being Relieved BlackBerry Memory

Have you ever checked your BlackBerry memory? If do not know how, just from the homescreen. Go to: Option-> Memory or press Alt + aA + H.. it will show the application memory used.


Usually for such an older BlackBerry Bold 9000 is still using the internal application memory is 128 Mb, will often named Memory drained. Especially when you install an application that quite a lot and a lot of e-mails were not deleted old email.

“How whichever way you care for your BlackBerry memory that are not easily run out of memory or memory drained?”

– Make it a habit to always delete emails that are not read. Set email to remain on your BlackBerry for 15 days, after which it will be deleted automatically.
– Browser cache contents should be cleaned such as cache, pushed content and cookie cache. How, go the browser and go to Options, find Clear Browsing Data.
– For a fairly heavy applications, such as Facebook or Twitter client UberSocial diligent cache memory. (go to option)
– Perform the Memory Cleaning option is also available in the Option.
– Do also clear the log (alt + L + G + L + G), although not affect much, but pretty helpful.
– Always end the conversation (unless essential) when done in BBMl chat.
– Perform a soft reset by pressing “alt + aA + del”.
– Always save photos, mp3, and other critical data on the media card.
– For those who use BBM v5.0.0.xx from activating “recent updates” because it would take so very fast memory cache memory drained.
– Most importantly, be diligent BlackBerry reboot or pull the battery at least 1 day.

Hopefully the above tips can be useful. If you want to add, please write in the comment field below. Thank you….