Tips For Your BlackBerry Messenger if slow

You must have had contrived upset dong while sending an important message, that message apparently got crossed. Moreover, if not the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) slow that makes a lot of people miss communication due to the slow delivery of fuel. Well, the following tips to reduce the burden of a load update your BlackBerry Messenger:

1. Click the icon menu on the fuel, then click the option, then scroll to Show Latest Update and change becoming NONE, do not give a tick Group Recent Updates From Same Contact / Group and Display Music Updates From Contacts. Then click Return, and select save then exit.

2. Click BlackBerry Menu, then click the option, Memory, and then change the status to On Media Card Support. This will save the data storage burden on the internal memory by moving into the external memory.

3. Limit the use of the Group in order to prevent the waste fuel from online stores to fuel your performance to be slow. You can also save on the use of data to update more useful.