Tips Changing Icon in BBM Groups

BlackBerry Messenger or BBM is often abbreviated, is one of the applications that are solely owned by the BlackBerry device. In the application of fuel has a group feature, which lets users create a group to facilitate sipengguna fuel to several people.


Some users even have more than one group in Blackberry, such as family groups, offices, schools and others. What’s interesting about this group is the fuel you can change the group icon to distinguish between groups with one another. Here are tips for replacing the fuel group icon quoted n4bb:

1. Go to BBM menu, and select the group you want to change its icon


2. Once inside, press the menu or by clicking the bar above, then select Groups Details.


3. The third step is to click on the group icon; it will display icons that can be selected


4. After selecting the new icon, then you can press the Back button and then save.


Now you can have a new icon different group each fuel you have.