Tips If You Forget Your Password At Login ID BlackBerry App World

Have you had a theme or will download an app on the Blackberry App World; you suddenly can not login to Blackberry App World for Blackberry ID forget your password? Or when logging appears Error Unable to validate the email address and password combination (Error ID: 30 601). What should we do? Here are his tips:


1. When you are asked to login when entering the BlackBerry App World, click the Forgot Password?

2. When he appeared BlackBerry Id Username, click your username or email address you used.

3. When he appeared Password Recovery Question, enter your answer, if you answer correctly then you can simply change the password with a new password.

If your answer is still wrong then the next step is to create a new BlackBerry Id. The trick is: a PC / Laptop or click then please click on Register for a BlackBerry Id and follow the instructions there. To be sure that you fill in the password easy to remember and Password Recovery Question that easy to answer.

Another way:

Delete Blackberry Appworld id and his blackberry, how

Options »device» aplication management »scroll to the left» delete Blackberry Id (do not reboot yet) »delete Blackberry Appworld» reboot

Blackberry Appworld reinstall it, click


Once installed go into Appworld, then there are steps to Blackberry Id and then replenishment Blackberry ID

Good luck!