Tips to Overcome Battery Heat and wasteful

Some of the many BlackBerry smartphone users are complaining because its BlackBerry batteries are like hot and wasteful. This raises suspicions about the authenticity of BlackBerry users from used batteries. Though not necessarily. Many things can cause the battery to BlackBerry heat and wasteful. Here are his tips:


Frequent Causes BlackBerry Battery Heat and wasteful:

1. Weak Signal Networks
Why the weak network signal can make the BlackBerry battery gets hot and wasteful? This is because BlackBerry devices are always trying to find a signal that the network can work well BIS. Ongoing search process that makes the battery gets hot, and of course ultimately wasteful.

So how to cope?

If you are using 3G BlackBerry smartphone, change your 3G network to 2G. This will reduce the heat and extravagant battery. How: From the Home Screen go to Manage Connections and then click Mobile Network Options, under Network Mode change 3G to 2G. Another way: Go to the Options menu, click Mobile Network and change the Network Selection Mode to Manual and change the Network Mode to 2G.

Try to use the BIS service which has a strong network or signal in your area. Do not force it to use a particular service if you live in the area the signal is weak.

2. Application That Runs On
Other causes BlackBerry battery heat and profuse that many BlackBerry applications that you let it run as active as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YM and other BlackBerry applications often provide notification. Especially now Twitter Client application has many versions like Twitter for BlackBerry, UberTwitter and SocialScope. Try to use one of these are active. If you follow the mailing list of the ‘high traffic’, it also can cause the battery to heat and wasteful. The solution, use a filter for your emails coming into the device, it tips you can see here.

The important thing is wise use applications on the BlackBerry. Do not force to install and activate the application, but you do not necessarily need the application. For social networking applications and instant messenger, if you are active also online on your PC / laptop, then you better make offline only application on the BlackBerry.

Hopefully the above tips can be useful.