[TIPS] Personal Hotspot, To-Share Internet Connection from iPhone

Did you know that the iPhone could be share network  internet? So wherever you are, no need to search for Wi-Fi again. Staying use features Personal Hostpot that other gadgets such as laptops, Blackberry, and others can use the internet connection on the same network.

Divide the internet connection like this can be made ​​possible with the existing tethering feature on smartphones. Yes, tethering is a feature available on most new smartphones that connect one device to another device.

If in the context of smartphones, tethering means sharing the Internet connection with other gadgets such as fellow smartphones, computers, and other devices that have connectivity, Wi-Fi for tethering a smartphone typically uses Wi-Fi point. This is what makes thetering dubbed Mobile Hotspot.

As with other smartphones, the iPhone is one device that can do tethering function as dungenon Personal Hotspot. The main requirement To enable this feature is the iPhone must have an internet connection with a packet of data from each operator. Here is how:

Go to the menu Settings – Personal Hotspot – Slide ON



If the menu Personal Hotspot is no, then do the following:

Settings – General – Cellular – Personal Hostpot


How? Not hard, is not it? Now you can turn your iPhone as a Mobile Hotspot. If anyone needs an internet connection, it does not hurt you split.