Tips If There is a Problem When the Invite or Request a PIN

It often happens to us at least once, let alone the first time we have a Blackberry. When we want to add a contact (PIN) to the fuel suddenly stuck and pending and we do not know what to do.

Here are some causes of the pending contact:
– Network is delay
– BBM request sent via email and enter the recipients email Spam
– Perhaps there is less fuel during installation Corrupt
– PIN of the recipient or sender is not active.
– One PIN when sending the request.

If you experience this try to check the guide below.

Cause 1

Network delays

Solution 1

Send a PIN message to a contact to verify PIN delivery status. How? can see KB02913.
Note if there is a delay with a PIN message delivery.
If the PIN message is undeliverable verify the status of the wireless signal and contact the service provider if there is a problem with the PIN message delivery.

Cause 2

Fuel requests sent via email and get into the SPAM.

Solution 2

The invited ask Log in to your email account via PC
Check SPAM / Junk folder.
If the incoming email there, mark it as not SPAM / Junk and wait for the BlackBerry ® Internet Service to send a message to your device.

Cause 3

There is little Corrupt as fuel or install applications on the Contact List.

Solution 3

Contact Backup fuels you, how? can see KB12487.
Remove and reinstall the BlackBerry Messenger using the Application Loader tool in BlackBerry ® Desktop Manager. Do I see KB03621?

OR Remove Contact BBM through Backup and Restore tool in BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Here’s how:

Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.
Double-click Backup and Restore.
Click Advanced.
On the right-hand pane, locate and select BlackBerry Messenger and click Clear.
Add contacts to BlackBerry Messenger and send your requests again

Cause 4

Or Blackberry PIN receiver is not active.

Solution 4

Make sure the BlackBerry smartphone is switched on.

Cause 5

Enter an incorrect PIN number.

Solution 5

Make sure the PIN is then re-invite.