Tips on How to Restore iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from iCloud

If you run out update or restore your IOS device reset, you should have back-up is the iCloud. Because of iCloud more quickly and easily restore your old data to the IOS device. Whatever you have to do when the initial set-up again after the update / restore your IOS device? Follow the instructions below:

  • Make sure your IOS device is connected to the Wifi network,
  •  At the beginning of a new IOS you have to do the set-up, well at option restore you select Restore from Backup iCloud,

  • Enter the Apple ID and password, then click next,

  • You will find a form Terms and Conditions, click Agree after reading it,

  • Well, step up to the Choose Backup, you’ll look back up the last of your IOS device. Later click Restore, backup directly to Restore’s will fit the data speed of the wifi network.