Tips Securing BlackBerry from the Thieft

We know how important the BlackBerry in life. Many important things on it from job to private. Well, sometimes there are like ignorant hands of the wrong use of our BlackBerry smartphones. As well as plowing fuel, access our personal information, even if there are harmful to important data deleted. Well for that there are tips for jerukers, take the following guidelines:

First locate the Options menu, then go to Security, as shown below:

Turn to Security, and then you select Password. Do not forget to enable the taskbar at the bottom on the box as shown in the figure below.

After that you select the Set Password, enter your Password. In using the most secure password with a combination of numbers, letters alphabet (a / A), and characters (@ # $!%).

Done with it all, press the back button and select Save. Now your Blackberry is safe.