Tips Turn Airplane Mode feature on the BlackBerry Z10

‘Airplane Mode’ is one very useful feature for those who travel frequently air. With these features, you can easily turn off a network connection that could interfere with aviation radio frequencies. This feature can also be used to reset the signaling network connection when in trouble.

Unlike other smartphones, the ‘Airplane Mode’ BlackBerry Z10 is not stored in the ‘dropdown menu’. That means you have to go in and browse the ‘Setting’ menu to be able to activate this feature.

Then how to enable the feature?

  • First of all you have to touch the ‘setting’
  • go to the ‘Network Connections’.
  • After that, you can simply turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ by sliding the appropriate button.



When you’ve done the steps just now, the whole network signal will be switched off and you can work smoothly without fear of disturbing aviation radio communications.