Tips to update the BlackBerry 10 Device Manually

If you have not been able to detect the presence of software updates, you do not have to worry. The reason is, you can still get these updates in several ways, which until now has proved effective.


According to an article released by Crackberry (03/03/2013), there are two ways to update yours BB10 device, using a web online and avail the facility of BlackBerry Link. How this can be done even if your SIM card still attached. However, to be safer, there’s nothing wrong when you pull out your SIM card before updating the device BB10.

In addition, you also need to make sure the data-backup your data had happened. Because BB10 device will return to the ‘Factory Defaults’ after the update’s. As a result, you could lose all your data-the data. You also need to reinstall some of your Android apps after the update.

Update via Web

The first method is to update your BB10 device is to use the internet and PC. It’s easy:

Connect your device with PC BB10, and then go to the BlackBerry Software Updates page on the internet. Scroll down and look for the ‘Updates on the Web’.
Click to select the check box on the side of the text. When a software update is available, then you can simply update your device BB10.
If not available any update, maybe it is not the time for your device to be updated. But do not worry, because there is one more way to update the BB10.

Update via BlackBerry Link

before you can do a software update, you must ensure in advance that your BlackBerry Link are installed with the latest version. Click this link to check the latest version of the BlackBerry Link.
Immediately connect your BlackBerry 10 device with a PC computer. After that, access the ‘Settings’ by clicking the wheel-shaped serrations.
On that page, you will see an option to reload the device software. Click ‘Start’ to begin the process. BlackBerry 10 device will reboot occasionally.
If there is found to the latest software version, then the program will automatically update the operating system on your BlackBerry 10 device. But again, you have to first backup all data on your phone.

If both of which you’ve done and they did not find any of the software update, it looks like you still have to be patient to receive the update.