Tizen Operating System Lite Will Focus on Cheap Smartphone segment with 256MB RAM

Low end of the smartphone market would seem to increasingly crowd. In this market, consumers can get a great selection of Android smartphones. Mobile Windows Phone Lumia 520 also gained success in this segment. Not to mention also ZTE Open that using OS Firefox.



And now, the operating system developed by Samsung with Intel, Tizen will also be targeting the same segment. Quoted from Ubergizmo, Samsung introduced Tizen OS Lite is intended for low-cost devices and could run well at a cell phone has 256MB of RAM.

In addition, the operating system Tizen Lite also supports smartphone with a screen that has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Smartphone with operating system Tizen Lite also will have a minimum of 1GB of internal memory , and 512MB of which is used for the operating system Tizen Lite itself .

With a very minimal requirement, the mobile phone is based Tizen Lite was seemingly aimed at emerging markets. In addition to Tizen Lite, Samsung also introduced Tizen Mobile Full aimed at the mid -end and high-end.