Todays – IPhone User as king of Mobile Internet Access on the World Beat Nokia

Apple’s iPhone is now absolutely ordaining himself as one of the electronic devices are phenomenal. Not only is the demand in the market, the iPhone also now listed as accessed the Internet from a mobile device in the world number one.


Previously, Nokia is a brand that dominates the world of mobile internet usage. Not surprisingly, the number of mobile phones sold by Nokia to the market, it is certainly not surprising. Both smart phones and feature phones that rely on Internet access using GPRS network.

According to data from StatCounter, the use of mobile Internet access by the owner of the mobile phone Nokia continues to decline. On the other hand, owners of the iPhone continue to be active to access the internet. Not only that, Samsung also obtained portions of the Internet usage continues to increase, along with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone sales continue to increase.

According to data from StatCounter, the iPhone gained share at 25.86 percent. Indeed, this figure is lower than in February 2012, where they recorded a mobile internet access with a share of 28.67. However, at that time, Nokia far above Apple.

Registration is done by StatCounter itself does not involve internet access through mobile devices or iPad tablet. If you view the dominance of Apple in the tablet market, the share of mobile internet usage from Apple consumers will be higher than the numbers listed on this data.