TomTom Map Updated – Integration with foursquare

Hey iPhone and iPad travelers, TomTom has just released a new version (v1.11) them. If you already have a TomTom app before, then you can download this update for free. If you’ve downloaded, Tomtom will help to navigate through the address found on internet search, foursquare ™ *, and the latest TomTom map updates.

If you are currently on vacation, this update will be very helpful. You can find a great place to visit and get there quickly via foursquare or copy and paste from the internet. Motorists can now quickly and easily navigate to the places that they have found on the website and other applications by copying and pasting the address into the TomTom app. So you no longer need to type, because TomTom automatically works to drive.

While the update v1.10 has integrated with Facebook Places, foursquare v1.11 adds. After connecting to foursquare TomTom app, users can search for and navigate to their favorite places through foursquare.

The drivers now have a new way to find places with their TomTom application, “said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director TomTom Consumer.” It will be very helpful when people go on vacation. They can find a good place to visit and get there quickly via foursquare or copy and paste.

Beyond the new search facility, v1.11 brings other improvements to TomTom Navigation for iPhone. Changes have also been made to the user interface to make the application more intuitive to use.