Total War: ROME II Soon at SteamOS

For the sake of extending reach to fans across multiple platforms and locations as much as possible, Brand Director at Creative Assembly named Rob Bartholomew has recently been revealed that a new game titled flagship Total War: ROME II will soon be ported to platforms that are supported by Steam SteamOS Controller.


Although it was undoubtedly due to the limitations of the hardware realization, but after working with the valve (as vendor / maker and Steam SteamOS Controller) then the game development process Total War: ROME II can run smoothly and without fuss so far.

With the successful development of this game, Rob Bartholomew felt confident that gamers will soon be the opportunity to experience the game Total War: ROME II on their SteamOS devices and not just limited to the operation of the keyboard and mouse only.

Like the game Total War: ROME II, a game called Metro: Last Night has previously received official support. Game Metro: Last Night’s supposedly claimed to be the first game to officially visited SteamOS platform.