Touch Screen Solution for iPhone by Apple

At the time the company produces and Smartphone iPhone / iPod touch screen multimedia multi-sensor. Their knowledge and capabilities of MacBook Air with analog touch screen Apple called the document to refer to the “important”.

Additional functions are much wider and allow users, for example, undo the last action or show the sensor to specific details, like the Tab key to identify. For specific tasks to 3 digits – the overall position of the index and middle fingers.

Earlier, five engineers from Apple has patented a technology that you set the user touches the application be referred to using a touchpad. This control supports a number of applications simultaneously.

A few words about Apple software development, from now on, the small group of developers of code works for Apple Inc.

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Small code no longer produces solutions or applications for firmware 1.1.3. We will no longer update our installer. temporary application of the legal basis and soon on iTunes.

Who’s next? Zibri? Geo? Netkas?

Update: Notice of Tiny-Code developer:

Yes, it was Tiny operations of Apple, Inc., and to release versions of firmware and stating the firmware that I had possession and SDK violation was apparently the confidentiality agreement does is not accepted if I have a copy accepts commands from the SDK and firmware.