How to Tweak your iPhone Music According to What You Want?

iphone-music-britneyjpgNow that you have your new iPhone you need to learn how to get the best out of it, especially as far as the music part of it is concerned. There are several jailbreak tweaks that enhance the experience that you can get out of you iPhone and thoroughly enjoy listening to music of the genre of your choice. Take for instance Auxo, the all new tweak that is great at fixing a broken App Switcher of Apple’s. It will show you not just the application icons, but the application’s preview as well. You will benefit from the music control page that has been redesigned to suit your needs. Auxo is great at showing the app running in the background, and when it is about to close, you get an alert. To choose any application, you need to just swipe on it.

Similarly, MountainCenter is an app that brings the Notification Center animation of the operating system Mountain Lion to your iPhone. Once you have installed the tweak, all you need to do is to swipe towards the left and the screen reveals the Notification Center. Another great tweak for your iPhone is Passwordpilot which helps you by remembering your Apple ID password for you, thus eliminating the need to manually type the password each time you want to download apps from the App store. You can install a pass code once you have installed this tweak, so that your ID is not misused by a third party for purchasing or downloading apps.

The best jailbreak tweak for your iPhone probably is MiniPlayer because it lets you include iTunes mini player to your iPhone. You can have the player docked to the right side of the screen of your iPhone, and can pull it up any time you want with a simple tap gesture. The tweak comes with some fantastic animations, and is of course, based on Auxo’s Sentry. This helps you spice up your music experience to new levels on your iPhone.

What’s more, you can use the Stock music app with MiniPlayer for better effects, and it is great when you want to pause or even skip songs, or go right back to the previous number, all this from the widget’s interface controls. However, this tweak is not all that great with the music app Spotify, except for the pausing and skipping part of it. Otherwise it is a bit out of sync with Spotify. The other great points though are the several options in the Settings app. You can disable the MiniPlayer. One other option is to hide the MiniPlayer, whenever the music stops, or is stopped by you, or you can voluntarily hide it using an Aviator action.

The highlight of this jailbreak tweak though is the animation. The quick animation while docking MiniPlayer is really great and enhances the quality of the tweak itself. Moreover, using the tap and hold gesture, you can maneuver and move the player around your screen the way you please. It is a welcome break from the standard way that iOS plays music, and a different experience altogether.

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