UK Government Rejects Have a BlackBerry 10 as the Low Security Level

BlackBerry likely will find it difficult to enter the UK market. This is because the UK government considers that the BlackBerry 10 OS platform did not have a good enough level of security to be used by workers in the UK.

blackberry-z10 1

This assumption came after Communications Electronics Security Groups (CESG) Britain said BlackBerry 10 software does not meet UK government security standards. Institutions own CESG is part of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHG).

However, in a statement to ZDNet, CESG revealed that they are currently engaged in discussions related to the use of BlackBerry 10 in government circles. Working closely with the BlackBerry was probably still going to happen; especially both parties have a long history of cooperation.

This is a bit surprising. Especially after the previous BlackBerry’s platform has just received approval from CESG. Even as mobile platforms such as Apple’s iPhone.