Update: iPad 3 Will Powered A6 quad-core processor and LTE

Everyone look forward to welcoming Tablet Tablet iPad 3. Various rumors began circulating in cyberspace on specifications and form of the tablet from Apple. Recently, it was rumored that the iPad 3 will be powered Tablet A6 quad-core processor and LTE.

Details were leaked to BGR from a source who claims to have a prototype iPad 3 and use the debugging tool called iBoot to extract details. If so A6 processor used by Apple Tablet iPad 3, then it would make the iPad 3 being the fastest iOS device today.

According to Japanese sources, the iPad 3 can be seen in February, which will be ready to compete with the Samsung tablet will be announced at the MWC 2012. Unfortunately, there are no reports on the high screen and dimensions of the iPad 3, but those two things are the hottest topics currently on the iPad 3.