How to Update iPhone to iOS 6.1 Using OTA Update

how to do OTA update for iOS 6.1 in iPhoneThe long awaited iOS 6.1 has released, bringing in some handy improvements that should make the overall experience a lot better. Along with better LTE support, Apple also introduced new Siri’s functionality in this new iOS 6.1. Now users can buy movie tickets online simply by telling Siri to do it.

Anyway, ever since the release of iOS 5, Apple has allowed us to update our firmware using the OTA update feature. What this means is that you can update the OS right from your iPhone instead of tethering it to your Mac and accessing iTunes from there. Now, normally, you should see a notification inquiring you whether you’d like to perform a system update or not.

If you didn’t see anything like that in the last few days, then here is what you’re going to do to manually perform the OTA update. First thing first, make sure that there is still 50% or more power in the battery. Also, you’d better be connected to a Wi-Fi if you don’t want to use up your data allowance. Once you’re sure about that, you can proceed to the following instructions:

  1. Head to the “Setting” from the home screen.
  2. Tap on “General” and choose “Software Update”.
  3. By now, your iPhone should be checking the network to see if there is an update you can download.
  4. Finished checking the network, you’ll be asked to download and install a new firmware. Just click continue until it starts installing.
  5. When the installation is done, your iPhone will reboot automatically and the iOS 6.1 should be running by now.