Viber app for BlackBery Provide Free Phone Features

__Viber__780Viber is known as one of the alternative messaging application which is used by the users of BlackBerry devices. Intend to further equip it with the latest features and innovative, the Viber app developers have mentioned that they would equip their products with a free phone call feature in January 2013 ago. Even the developers are also taking the time to demonstrate how to use the call feature on the BlackBerry device.

Do not want to break her promise, Viber developer team has now released a beta version of the software update and is ready for download at BlackBerry World. The software update also includes a feature that helped since three months ago he promised, which features voice calling. Of course this is one attractive alternative for users of BlackBerry devices. In addition, the software update beta v2.4 also includes a program aimed at fixing some glitches bugs, improved performance, stability and application performance.

But unfortunately, Viber until now could only be used in the BlackBerry OS 5 and BlackBerry OS 7. The application is experiencing technical problems and could not be used on BlackBerry OS 6 devices.

As for your BlackBerry device users 10 are already curious to try this application, you still have to wait much longer. Because the developer Viber not sure when they will be released for BlackBerry 10.