Video BlackBerry Messenger Android version Back Appears

Applications BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) version of Android has appeared to some time ago in the form of video. But the video was reportedly released by Samsung, has now been withdrawn by the parties concerned for no apparent reason. Now, cross-platform messenger applications that re-create the world of the internet uproar back.


As The Verge proclaim site on Monday (09.02.13), the Android version of BBM again present in one Android device. This time is not on Samsung devices, but HTC First alias Facebook Phone. There are some special features that accompany BBM cross-platform version of this one, one of them being NFC that utilizes Android Beam.

BBM Android and iOS version itself is planned to be released in the near future, sometime in September. As a preparatory step, the BlackBerry has released a list of guidelines in the form of online user. There is no exact date, but you will be able to enjoy this app, at least in late summer or around October.

Interested in seeing visions  BBM at HTC First device? (U.S.)

Update: Video BBM Android version re-drawn by the uploader. No word yet or obvious reason behind the withdrawal. We predicted that BlackBerry still wanted to maintain secrecy about the features and appearance of the end of the cross-platform version of BBM.

Update: Android version of BBM Video re-emerged. Watch soon before it’s too late!