The Best Video Game on iOS in February

The video game world as if it would never die. Almost every month, a variety of game developers, both indie developer and developers great, as constant race to make the game very interesting.

Quoted from Gametrailers, the following is a list of some of the best games specifically for iOS has just been released in the month of February.

FDG Entertainment has previously managed to make us dazzled with Banana Kong video game very interesting. As if to continue the success, the developer re-releases a game that is not less in terms of quality, titled Roar Rampage.

In this game, you will play as a creature similar to a Godzilla. You are “assigned” to destroy the city, forest, and industrial sites. You will be prompted to hit the ruined buildings, helicopter, and various other things.

Roar Rampage


If you declare yourself as an arcade game lover, then you should not miss the After Burner Climax.

Video games are built by Sega, previously been released for multiple gaming consoles. By maintaining a classic game system, such as the fight against the enemy in the air and avoid enemy missiles, you will be guided to continue to concentrate in order to complete the mission.

After Burner Climax


No one dared to doubt the fun while playing the video game Metal Slug. The game is simple and accompanied by easy control, making a video game is very easy to play in your free time.

Now Metal Slug 2 has come up with some additional details that make these video games getting better. You can still create a collection of unique weapons, enemies that make you increasingly challenged, as well as a Bluetooth connection that allows you to play the multiplayer mode.

Like the old-school video game? So do not miss the Metal Slug 2.

Metal Slug 2