Virtual Keyboard BlackBerry 10 Can Counteract One Type

The BlackBerry device is famous for its soft keyboard and convenient to type. Unfortunately, so RIM plans to pack BlackBerry 10, then one of the specialties was removed. Will BlackBerry 10 remain comfortable for typing, even without a physical keyboard?

The seriousness of the challenges RIM to iOS and Android indeed admirable. In the middle of the booming mobile phone touch screen and no physical keyboard, a Canadian vendor would not want to compromise followed.

RIM seriousness manifested in the form of a video showing how the ‘agility’ virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry device 10. In a video released Inside BlackBerry, Friday (12/14/2012), the Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of Software RIM, guide how to use the virtual keyboard BlackBerry devices 10.

In the video is 1 minute 47 seconds, Bhardwaj highlights how the virtual keyboard BlackBerry 10 is almost similar to the previous BlackBerry physical keyboard. However, there are several new features that were presented to maximize typing BlackBerry 10.

One feature that is quite promising, for those who are not used to typing with the virtual keyboard, BlackBerry 10 could be detected in the form of space. So no more words attached when trying to type fast.

To find out how sophisticated virtual keyboards BlackBerry 10 see any detail in the above video.