Ways To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone

With the technology upgrading each day, there are new and latest versions of smart phones up for grabs. People are always fascinated to own the latest technology as it brings them at par with the updated hi-tech world. With the launch of the newest version of iPhone in the market, people are enthralled to get their hands on iPhone5. However, the first thing that often strikes the mind is to transfer the data from your old phone to your precious new belonging. If you are previously using an iPhone, transferring the data is comparatively much easier. On the contrary, is you are an android powered device owner, transferring data would be a little complex.

It should be borne in the mind that you can only transfer files about pictures, videos, and contacts. Now, let us find how the above-mentioned data can be transferred from android to your iPhone. The first step is to set and activate your iPhone. This can be easily done with the help of the user manual that comes along with your latest phone. The following ways can be made use of to transfer the data from android to iPhone.

Ways To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone

How to Transfer Data
Before you begin with transferring data to your iPhone, you need to make a folder in your android and place all the contacts there. Hereafter, you may follow the below given steps:

  • Switch on your android phone and select the section where you have stored the contacts.
  • Select the Import/Export option by pressing the menu button.
  • Select the ‘Export to Storage’ option and pick the contacts you want to transfer and press OK.

Transferring the data from android to your iPhone would require you to create a folder by applying the following steps:
Plug in your Android to your PC using a USB wire.

  • Enable your PC on the disk drive mode and recognize your phone on the drive.
  • For those using the Mac operating system, select the ‘Desktop’ or ‘My Computer’ option.
  • Create an Android data folder.
  • Choose the transferring files to drop and drag into the Android data folder.
  • Locate and save the VCF file in the folder.

Now, the time has come to connect the iPhone and transfer the selected data in to it.

Transferring Contacts

To transfer the contacts from your Android to your iPhone, you need to create an e-mail id on your iPhone. It is an easier method to transfer contacts via an e-mail message. The next step is to select the VCF file on your PC and mail it to your iPhone. Open the attached file on your iPhone and select the ‘Add to Contacts’ option to save contacts on your iPhone.

Transferring Pictures and Videos

Open the iTunes on your iPhone. Tap on the phone name positioned on the left side and go for the photos tab in the main window. Now, select the option ‘Sync Photos’ from the drop down menu and then opt for ‘Choose Folder’. Locate to the Android data folder created on the PC to transfer the selected pictures and videos to your iPhone.

Transferring Music Files

To transfer the saved music files on your Desktop, you need to select the iPhone folder and drag it to the folder positioned on your iTunes. This is the easiest method to transfer music files.
The above-cited steps make data transferring from an Android to the iPhone an easy job.

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