Waze is now Co-Present at the Windows Phone

Not just Instagram today can be used by users of Windows Phone smartphones. Other popular applications was also coming to Windows Phone, namely maps and navigation application Waze. In the presence of Waze, little by little Windows Phone also began trying to turn things around and compete head-to-head with Android or iOS.


Quoted from Neowin, Waze party had earlier announced that his application would come officially to Windows Phone. April yesterday, Waze has provided a Windows Phone application closed beta. And now, they have officially revealed that the non-beta version of Waze is now officially available for download from the Windows Phone Store.

In its official blog, Microsoft said that by using Waze app, Windows Phone users can drive the smart way. No longer hampered by bad roads and could become more mobile. This application also allows users to share information if there is an accident or danger he encountered on the streets. This is because Waze provides real time information to users.

Waze itself is a map application in June of yesterday has been officially acquired by Google. Acquisition process itself occurred shortly after Waze announced a beta tester program in Windows Phone. With the Waze app on Windows Phone is, then there are two apps available in the Google-Microsoft’s platform. Earlier, Google has just launched a new search application in Windows Phone. Unfortunately, this still does not Google do for YouTube app.