The Weather Network, Applications BlackBerry 10 Advanced Forecast

During this BlackBerry device is arguably a minimal application. But the presence of BlackBerry 10 seems to bring fresh air in the ecosystem of apps on the BlackBerry World. Yes, for those who are obsessed with the weather, already available apps The Weather Network!


So for those who like to find out information about the weather, The Weather Network presents features of both detailed enough and the weather is going to happen, moist air, to rainfall and temperature. The weather forecast presented by short-term, long-term, the trend of the next 14 days and an hour, until the alarm in the event of storms or cyclones.

Fun, The Weather Network is also able to produce GPS-based weather forecasts of the location within 1 kilometer of the user’s feet. In addition, users can also upload photos related to the ongoing weather to the application.

“As the leading application developers in Canada, The Weather Network is pleased to launch the first weather app for BlackBerry 10. We have been working closely together with the BlackBerry in developing unique and interactive applications to users of BlackBerry 10 both in Canada, America, and parts of world, the latest weather information, and “Gita said Asha, a representative of the Weather Network, from BerryReview, Saturday (02/01/2013)