Weir Android, Apple soon Patented Scroll Bar

Apple is rumored to be immediately registered the patent for the scroll bar feature found in many smartphones. It is thought to be one of Apple’s move to stem the rate of Android.

Patents filed in the United States it numbered 8,223,134. In it contains the rules of the vertical scroll bar is usually found when a user opens a text, lists, or while processing the document.

Apple claims that the patent is already including the 134 patents in 2007 they raised earlier, namely the appearance of the scroll bar touch screen mobile devices.

The scroll bar itself has been used by many technology vendors long before Apple registered it as part of the intellectual rights of the Cupertino-based company.

But if the feature is contained on a touch screen handheld device, featuring some of the documents larger than the screen, and several other provisions, then it could be in breach of Apple technology.

As quoted from the verge, Friday (20/07/2012), a scroll bar that claimed similar findings since Apple started to use Google Android 2.3. And it is not possible; Apple will fight this patent to stem the attack forces ‘green robot’.