What to Look for in a New Laptop Case

il_fullxfull.464515040_t5wsLaptops are, by design, portable. Smaller, slimmer and more lightweight than a desktop computer, you can grab your laptop and take it with you to work, school or even while on vacation. Having the right case for your computer ensures that you can comfortably carry your computer while on the go. Knowing what to look for can help you select the best case.

Size Matters

The first thing you want to look at when shopping for Mac laptop cases is the size of the case. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a case that is a few inches longer than the computer. This leaves a gap between the bag and the computer, which lessens the amount of protection the case offers. You generally want a case that cushions and surrounds your computer without any gaps at either end.

Extra Features

When shopping for cases, you also want to give some thought to the additional features of each case or bag. An adjustable strap attached to the bag lets you quickly tighten the bag to secure it on your body or loosen the strap for more comfort. Some bags also feature padded straps that won’t rub into or against your neck and shoulder. You may also want to look for cases that have extra pockets inside and out for storing pens, your smartphone and other accessories. Knowing what to look for in a new laptop case lets you find the perfect case to fit your needs.