What’s New On Twitter application for iOS Version 5.1?

The social media lovers surely will not miss to update the status on Twitter. Currently, Twitter is being favored. After some time ago we discussed the latest features of Twitter its website, now we will discuss the renewal of Twitter for the latest iOS 5.1 versions.

For those of you iOS device users and there is a Twitter application (not a third party application), surely you have received notification of updates Twitter to the latest version. But what is new about this application? Please see below.

In the Discover feature, Twitter version 5.1 will be able to preview the photos, videos and related articles. With this will allow users to be able to see the preview without having to open a photo, video or article.

In Search feature is also improved, this time will be able to display the images associated with the search results. In addition, if the user accidentally forgot the account password, it can reset the password in just a few easy steps.

Sounds update is indeed worth a try for you iOS device users are also active in the social networking Twitter.

Download twitter here