Will Apple iPhone Recent Body Made From Liquid Metal

Rumors about Apple’s latest iPhone are endless. This time a Korean site, ETNews, fueling rumors of Apple iPhone 5 with a loading message stating that the latest Smartphone iPhone will use the body of liquid metal or liquid metal.

liquid apple

Apple iPhone 5 Design with the use of liquid metal or liquid metal that will be introduced at the annual Apple developers conference, which is expected to last from months 11 to 15 June. Liquid Metal itself is a mixture of a metallic material that allows the phone more durable, with the outside appearance looks like a clear liquid or water.

This material is as light as plastic but strong as aluminum. With Liquid metal, the phone is very light and super slim look. It was not Apple’s only interested in developing a unique body coating technology, Samsung is also reportedly interested in expanding the ceramic body to be used on the body of the Samsung Galaxy S 3.