Windows 8.1 Operating System Not Supporting A few Old AMD Processors

Not all AMD-based computer users can feel the experience of using the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8.1. It can not be done because it was Windows 8.1 does not support the use of some older products from AMD.


It was revealed after the experience of one of the users of Windows 8. According to him, older products like the AMD Athlon 64 X2 or Opteron 185 can not be used in Windows 8.1. This is because the processor does not come with instruction CMPXCHG16B. But the old processor from AMD is able to work with a great on Windows 8.

Quoted from Neowin, Microsoft also confirmed it. Microsoft spokesman said that the removal of support for the processor chip that is not equipped CMPXCHG16b instruction is to improve the security of Windows. “Based on our data, the number of processors is very little affected, because this instruction has supported more than 10 years,” said Microsoft.