Woman buys fake iPad wooden for $180

A woman at an region McDonald’s considered she was obtaining an iPad at a bargain price, but alternatively she obtained a very high-priced piece of wood.

fake ipad wooden

Ashley McDowell, 22, explained she was obtaining food at about 10 p.m. Monday when two adult males approached her from the parking great deal. The adult men showed McDowell a new iPad, and advised her which they acquired purchased numerous of them in bulk at an excellent cost and experienced them in FedEx boxes within the trunk of their car or truck.

The adult males provided to promote McDowell 1 of the iPads for $300. She advised them that she only obtained $180, and they agreed to sell her 1 for that quantity.

The men gave McDowell a FedEx box. When in your house, she opened it and discovered a piece of wood painted black with an Apple brand on it.

McDowell said the adult males ended up being in a very white Chevy Impala with no rims and untinted windows. She explained one particular of the men acquired a silver tooth.