Worldictionary – Speedy Translation On The Go

When I was looking for apps that work on Optical Character Recognition (OCR), I came across the usual document scanners and business card readers. But it was a translation app with features galore that had me intrigued. Here are some of my views about this app, Worldictionary.


What it is about:

Worldictionary is a convenient tool that offers translation on the go. It helps you look up words you see anywhere around you. The app recognizes and translates words between several languages and can even translate 2 adjacent words.


How it works:

This app works on OCR and instantly recognizes and translates words viewed through the iPhone’s camera. Manually keying in words or taking photos of the text isn’t required, though you can always use these options when you have a lot of words that need to be translated.


All you need to do is point your phone’s camera at a word. The app identifies the text and translates it for you in a flash. This ability to provide real-time translation, without making users wait while it processes text, makes Worldictionary a laudable application.


The highlights:

Worldictionary can identity and translate words between a whopping 21 languages – English, Japanese,

Italian, Danish, Norwegian, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, French, German, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Swedish, Finnish and Polish.


The app bookmarks the words you have searched for, making it easy to come back for later reference. To learn new words in different languages and become proficient in translation, you can even create your own word database.


When you want word definitions, relevant articles or videos, you can always connect to Google, Wikipedia or YouTube from this app to expand your search. The anti-shake function helps in ensuring image clarity.


As with any other similar tool, the translation isn’t always perfect but the speed and accuracy of the app are good enough to get the point across. Worldictionary eliminates language barriers and makes you feel comfortable even in a country where all the words you see are in a foreign tongue.


Download Worldictionary app for $5.99 only.