Wow! Apple Will Launch iPhone with 128 GB Capacity?

Apple reportedly is preparing the successor to the iPhone 5 rumored to be present in the 3rd quarter of this year. With better specifications than the previous generation, of course, the premium smartphone is expected to be number one in the constellation of industrial technology for Apple.


Recently said there is a glimpse of the range of capacity that will be used on the iPhone 5S is 128 GB. It is known through a special beta release of iOS 6.1 developer, where there are 128 codes as shown below were released by 9to5Mac:

On the other hand the iPhone 5S will reportedly have a 13 megapixel camera, finger print sensor, and the latest screens are better than now. Recently Apple has a mobile gadget with a large memory capacity is the iPod Classic Video.

With such a large storage capacity, it looks like Apple is trying to reach a new title as the largest smartphone manufacturer of storage capacity. Its so Question: what would fill that much memory?