This Year Blackberry Will Not Release Products at Entry Level

Along with the BlackBerry’s success in launching BlackBerry 10, the recent Canada-based company is making news again.


In an article released by Ubergizmo, BlackBerry stated that they will not produce the equipment or gadget based BlackBerry 10 platform at the entry level. It was stated by Stephen Bates, as Managing Director of European BlackBerry.

“We have been producing gadgets at the level of high-end as a statement that this is the (era) of the new BlackBerry. We intend to actually ‘play’ in the middle to upper level, “said Stephen Bates, as quoted from Ubergizmo.”We will build equipment for entry-level, but not for now.”

On another occasion, Bates also stated that the concentration of companies is still focused on the development of BlackBerry 7 and 7.1. In addition, Bates insists that we still have to stick with the BlackBerry Curve if we needed at the entry level BlackBerry