YouTube Launches Instant Video Recorder Application for iOS

youtube_captureVideo-sharing site, YouTube, has just released an application for iOS. Application called Capture allows iOS users to record video, editing, and fast uploading it  to YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

As reported by The Verge, Monday (12/17/2012), Google says the application is built for speed and comfort for those who want to publish the results of video recording with just a touch three times (tap).

In this application, the user can perform automatic color correction of images taken, edit, and even incorporate music as a soundtrack. For publication, the user is given a very easy to select the desired social networking site.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to capture HD quality images, limited to 720p resolution. It considers the video upload speeds that do not require large files.

With the entire given then share YouTube videos, is this a sign of the trend to share photos like Instagram will soon be left behind?